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The Doctor has the CURE . . .
. . . for MONSTER-smelling trash cans!

We are a new innovative company providing curbside side cleaning of residential trash & recycle cans in West Fargo, Fargo & Moorhead.
Residents can purchase our service for the season (May through October) or one time cleanings.
Our service is very is convenient as we come around on your scheduled garbage collection day and wash your cans after the garbage is collected.

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Dr SaniCan Helps Prevent Health Risks

No More Unsanitary Containers

Unsanitary containers attract unwanted pests such as: maggots, flies, roaches, ants, bees, spiders, rodents and other varmints.

• Rodents are known to carry different diseases, are attracted to the pungent, rotting smell of a dirty trash can.

• Flies have been discovered to carry and transmit over 200 types of bacteria. A dirty container is an ideal place for flies to lay their maggot producing eggs.

Unsanitary containers are a potential source for illnesses because unsanitary containers are a major breeding ground for:

• Salmonella, Listeria, Staphylococcus, E Coli and Fecal Coliform can collect from the fecal waste from spent diapers and pets.

• Viruses & food related molds and fungi.

• Trash cans have proven to harbor a bacteria which is in the same family as the black plague! See the link below.

Black Death-type bacteria found in trash cans!  •  Contact Us

UF discovers house flies carrying five new illness-causing bacteria

Choose Dr. SaniCan to Help Prevent Health Risks

  • Scrubbing Away the Grime

    The Doctor Has the Cure

    We arrive on your garbage collection days after your garbage has been collected with our custom built trailer.

    We grab your trash can at the curbside unless special instructed in advance.

    Your can is sprayed with an eco-friendly biodegradable detergent.

    The can is scrubbed and scraped to loosen the grime.

  • High Pressure Cleaning

    The Doctor Has the Cure

    The cans are then hydraulically lifted into the hopper which can wash two cans at one time.

    We use a high pressure spinning head with 3 nozzles to get the sides and bottom of the can.

    While the cans are in the hopper the exterior and lid is sprayed with a high pressure wand.

    The cans are then lowered and inspected.

    Should the cans need more cleaning the process is repeated.

  • Sanitizing and Drying

    The Doctor Has the Cure

    The cans are then mopped dry and the interior and exterior is sprayed with a hospital grade sanitizer and deodorizer.

    The can is then pushed back to the curb.

    If there is no precipitation is forecasted the lid will be left open help the can dry out.

  • Waste Water Disposal

    The Doctor Has the Cure

    All dirty water is contained in our grey water tank and we pay to dump this water at the Fargo waste water treatment facility.

    We reserve the right to refuse to clean a can which is contaminated with oil or chemicals. We are unable to clean these cans since the water treatment test the water before it is dumped.

    If there is oil or chemical contamination they will refuse to accept the water and we would have to pay for hazardous waste disposal.

The Doctor Has the Cure

Dr SaniCan has the CURE!

Dr SaniCan arrives on your garbage collection days after your garbage has been collected, and sprays your can with eco-friendly biodegradable detergent.

We scrape and scrub the grime and crud, and use a high pressure spray to thoroughly clean the entire can. We mop and dry the can, and spray the interior with a hospital grade sanitizer and deodorizer.

Then we push the can back to the curb, and leave the lid open to help the can dry out, if no precipitation is forecasted.

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